Cappadocia: Devastation in Dreamland

Moonscape rock formations, simultaneously fluid and jagged, rose from the earth. Endless cave houses, carved into the moutains, added personality to the volcanic landscape. Arriving in Cappadocia was to step into a dream. I had cycled to another planet. For days I explored the mystical lonely valleys. I sat in windows of caves, watching birds […]

The day I was really scared

There were once lions in Greece, and if they lived anywhere, it would be here. Giant boulders and ancient olive trees framed the arid landscape. I was cycling through the archaeological site of Mesimvria. A road so rocky and remote, no cars could possibly travel its 16km length. A road, where it was not lions […]

Cycling Alone

Regular rage had begun to mist my thoughts throughout our rides. I expected to feel frustrated and annoyed at times, but nothing like this. My head was filled with questions about our trip together. It became clear that this was a journey I would continue alone. Departing in the sunshine that morning, I cycled into […]

The Road to the Alps

The white pyramids, built by nature for Kings, shone on the horizon. They puffed up their chests to taunt me, eager to show their size despite the distance between us. Excitement and fear coursed through my veins. The mountains weren’t so far now. The road sloped upwards as we left the flat shores of the […]